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In 11th century, the Croatian kingdom was under wise leadership of King Dmitar Zvonimir, who picked up City of Knin as the heart of his realm. The settlement is located in the vicinity of Krka River’s source, and has never lost its strategic value for Croatian people. This “Early Capital” was always a notable locality for railway traffic, and in recent years, it became increasingly interesting to many visitors of Croatia. In addition to unique history, the surroundings of the royal city are also featuring beautiful nature sights, especially on the banks of aforementioned Krka River.

The promenade of Knin, situated next to the river and photographed above, is one reason to visit this town. Check out the glass-like surface of Krka, and you’ll learn why it is such a good continental alternative to beauties of Adriatic shore. Having a walk on the promenade of Knin will provide you with wonderful memories, and photos which will bookmark Croatia in your album.

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