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European Continent is going through an outburst of cold weather, and Croatia isn’t spared one bit. The coastal areas are experiencing the power of Dalmatian bura, a strong wind which seems to have a head of its own. Very cold and bringing high waves along the shores, it isn’t much loved by local residents. That is, if you don’t count photographers. They usually gear up the best jackets they have, take water-proof cameras, and head for the outdoors of Croatia in order to get some great pictures.

In order to see what the power of Dalmatian bura looks like, check out our gallery below. It doesn’t show just the raw strength of the nature, but glimpses of life during such weather. And although we recently published an article suggesting that spring might knock on the doors of Croatia soon, recent days don’t support such picture. As a matter of fact, you still have time to book a cottage in Croatian woods and enjoy your time on snowy, fresh air.

Have beautiful photos of Croatian storms authored by yourself? You know where to upload them.


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