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Wine Info

Name: Posip Toreta 2011 Review

Kind of Wine: Dry

Species: Posip

Retail price: 60 HRK / 8 €

Posip Toreta 2011

Posip Toreta 2011 Commentary

This fine wine came recommended by an experienced and educated expert called Ivanka. It belongs to a posip species, authored by France Banicevic. Among white sorts of south-Dalmatian wine, posip has taken the leading role in recent years. It is up to the experts to recognize their favorites, especially when it comes to daily usage. Special occasions are also not to be ignored.

Among this wine kind, Posip Toreta 2011 is a very fine choice, especially when its pricing comes to mind. It has all the key elements, including the straw-like yellow color, the freshness and playful fruity aromas.

Culinary Companionship

Ivanka was also prudent when suggesting white mashed codfish for combo with this wine. Nothing beats this dish, once it comes to company of Posip Toreta 2011.


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