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Here is a strange combination. Let’s call it pork & peaches, as it includes a tasty meat chop and hopefully freshly picked fruit. It is a very refreshing, although rare, alliance of tastes on the plate. But for a daring home chef ready to experiment a little, it might become the next specialty. If you fancy having this on your table today, here are instructions for the meal’s preparation.

What You Will Need

4 pork chops

160 g aceto balsamico

160 g olive oil

6 spoons of honey

Freshly picked rosemary

2 peaches



Pork & Peaches Preparation

Salt and pepper the chops from both sides. Mix the marinade combining aceto balsamico, olive oil and honey. Insert a twig of freshly picked rosemary and pour over meat for 30 minutes.

Take a larger grill pan and station it over flame. The intensity should be high. Fry the chops from both sides. Slice the peaches on two halves and add them to the pan. Use spices and herbs of your own liking.

Serve the chops on a single plate and pour the liquid in which they were fried over them. The bitter salads, such as rocket, are your best choice for a side-dish.

Before you start dining, be sure to take your digital camera and snap a photo or two of your culinary achievement. Next, upload it to our Facebook Wall and show our online community what your cooking talent is made of. We are sure you will receive a lot of likes, shares, comments and praises.

If you’d like to taste this dish in Croatia, be sure to check out our list of great dining places, and book your seat in one of them. Whatever your choice is, be sure to have fun and enjoy your stay in the country. And in case you need an accommodation, we got you covered on that field as well. Just click here.

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