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“Beautiful” is long mundane. “Breathtaking,” somewhat cliché. “Compelling,” on the other hand – as Lonely Planet described this network of 16 turquoise lakes, waterfalls and cascades some 90 km east of Senj – might do the natural phenomenon of Plitvice National Park semantic justice.


Take in the gallery below for insight into what the buzz is about. Check your itinerary and see where to best fit in a stop to soak it in, in person.


And be sure to let us know how you would describe this UNESCO-listed national park!


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Hi there,
may I know which is the nearest entrance to the waterfall as I travel with 3 kids youngest is only 3 year old and I hoping to show them the frozen waterfall. How long to tract from the nearest carpark to the waterfall in winter planning to visit on the 26th December 2017.
Thank you


Dear Lee,

We’d advise you to contact the office of Plitvice Lake for these specifics on e-mail:

You may also visit the official website for more information.


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