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Wine Info

Type: Dry

Species: Plavac Mali

Retail Price: 60 HRK / 8 €

Alcohol Volume: 13.9 %

Plavac Mali Rose Syrtis 2012

Plavac Mali Rose Syrtis 2012 Commentary

After his original Plavac received positive marks, winemaker Volarevic responded with plavac in pink edition. The nectar has less tannin and is more drinkable than alternatives, and the strong presence of Mediterranean herbs and fresh fruits is notable.

Culinary Companionship

The winemaker suggested Plavac Mali Rose Syrtis 2012 to be accompanied with a plate of frog risotto. However, this dish is difficult to find in Croatia, so wine-lovers can opt for a much more affordable and available round of sardines. Have their fillets deep-fried and seasoned with rosemary and thyme. It is a difficult preparation, but well worth the consummation. Once served with home-made salsa, gnocchi and rucola salad, and the typical dish will shine in the first-class culinary fiesta.

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