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Georges Milies’ legendary “A Trip to the Moon” (“Le Voyage dans la lune”) launched the 15th Motovun Film Festival last night with the help of the audience, seen below propelling a replica of the film’s rocket towards the moon on stage.


Of the hundreds of films submitted for this festival dedicated to independent productions, 22 made the cut – “a good combination of more well-known and lesser known works” says Igor Mirkovic, the festival’s director.


Milies’ 1902 silent, black-and-white film was followed by Ursula Meier‘s “Sister”, presented by the French-Swiss director herself. Other movies you can watch under the stars of Motovun this year include “The Delay” (Mexico, Uruguay, France, 2012), “Celestial Body” (Italy, France, Switzerland, 2011), and Dark Horse (USA). Read more about the five-day festival here.


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