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Deep in the vaults of Diocletian’s Palace, history has told many tales. Who knows the number of intrigues the lofty complex has hidden during centuries, knowing that Roman Emperor himself ordered its construction and dwelled behind its luxurious walls? We might never learn for sure.

However, in present day, this archaic palace speaks another tale. The one of Westeros, a kingdom envisioned by writer George R.R. Martin and magnificently engraved in film by HBO Company. As many readers know, the fable-like scenery of highly popular serial “Game of Thrones” is actually being filmed in Croatia. As a matter of fact, fans of the show visiting the country can apply to be statists in the series or at least take a tour of the filming locations.

At the moment, HBO’s crew is filming the fifth season of “Game of Thrones” in Diocletian’s Palace, which will without doubt contribute to serial’s atmosphere and brilliance. And while we wait for show to hit the telly, here are a few photos of the set, taken by our team of reporters today.


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