Like Croatia Sinke

Another year, another Schwarzkopf Cro-a-Porter Event! The prestigious gathering of valuable fashion brands has again moved the boundaries of style, and awed the audience with unique and nice-looking clothes. Judging from the recent catwalk sessions, Croatian streets are up for another fancy fall, full of gorgeous dresses, lovely gowns and state-of-the-art outfits.

Certainly, some of these clothing objects look more like exhibits in a surreal museum, but they will certainly find their audience. We think.

Interested in wearing these thingies in your own hometown? Check out Cro-a-Porter official web and learn more about brand offerings and stylists who stand behind those clothes. Since Croatia became a fresh member of European Union, international shipping became much easier and more affordable.

Here is a short preview of what is expected to be worn in Croatia this season: