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In March 2014, a new tourist feature on Croatian south has been established. It is literally a realm of its own, and the name follows such description. It is called Peljesac Wine Empire, and includes a gorgeous enological road surrounded with lovely natural pacing and distinctive culture of Croatia’s second largest peninsula. Peljesac has been a fertile wine area for centuries, and the fruits of such long and vital tradition are available for tasting even now.


Peljesac Wine Empire includes 22 vineries, 18 wine-tasting facilities, 40 traditional restaurants, eight agro-tourism households, three manufacturers of authentic Croatian souvenirs, two shellfish harvesters and a single wine bar. Visitors are also available to roam the scenery through dozens of mountaineer and cycle tracks.

Naturally, these sites are not located on a single spot, but are scattered around in numerous romantic villages of Peljesac Peninsula. These include settlements such as Potomje, Orebic, Janjina and Putnikovic, but the regional heart can be attributed to Ponikve. Named after a Croatian word describing the distinctive voids in the karst soil, this hamlet actually has six vineries, belonging to Curlin, Vukas, Androvic and Milos families, plus those of Misa and Zeljko Ledinic. Their everyday life revolves around old vineyards and high-tech windmills for producing electrical energy, which were installed in the vicinity.Peljesac Wine Empire Revealed


“Our harvest is quite late, because we want to have a large number of dry berries, thus receiving a prime ingredient for our Plavac wine,” Dubravko Vukas explains. “We don’t produce wines which are broadly accepted on the market; rather we make those loved by true fans of plavac. People who like fruity and robust tastes, which are typical for the species.”

Another aforementioned wine-maker, Frano Milos, was a little bit more poetical when describing his plavac. “In the varieties, you can see the tones moving and overbriming in the glass,” he describes while watching the nectar. “Once observed in completion, they speak and whisper about time and stone. On the brink of the tender glass, you can literally see the tears from another world, as they vanish and complete the circle.”

The Peljesac Wine Empire will certainly have a long and successful future. As Frano commented, their products will whisper the tale of time and passion for years to come. And when dispatched on the markets of European Union, these wines will become an ambassador of Croatian enological passion.


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