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A lot of foreign visitors of Croatia are puzzled by the word “Peka”, commonly used in traditional restaurants such as konobas. The word remains untranslated in English editions of the menu, and describes a large iron box, similar in shape to a bell, used to cook the dishes in a specific way. In order to have a peka roast, the cook inserts the ingredients into the interior of the bell, and closes it from above with a cap. Then, he inserts the entire appliance into the hot oven, and covers peka with a hot ash. This way of thermal processing literally causes the ingredients to be roasted and cooked at the same time, mixing their aromas and intensifying the tastes. The final result? Let’s just say that peka roast is one of the most commonly ordered foods on Adriatic coast.

This photo of peka-processing was sent to us by our reader Dusko Penic. If you have your own photos of enjoying Croatian delicacies, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and show your love for the country’s culinary identity.


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