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In the Year of Our Lord 1573, the Croatian region of Zagorje became a site of a bloody peasant rebellion. The poor local farmers, ravished by famine, illness, poverty and high taxes, rose against the local masters and challenged the stability of Croatia itself. Led by the courageous Matija Gubec, the revolt which begun in town of Stubica threatened even the mighty Zagreb and its guardsman. And despite the noble cause and firm dedication, the weakly armed peasantry couldn’t emerge victorious against the experienced armies of nobility.

After his troops were obliterated in a shocking bloodshed, Matija Gubec was caught alive. In order to send a message to people sharing his ideas, the influential governors executed the rebellion leader on St. Mark’s square of Zagreb in a cruel and horrid way. On his head, a burning crown was put, killing Matija as a “king” of peasants. Even today, a statue of his face can be found on the aforementioned locality.

Peasant Rebellion (photo by:

But although Matija Gubec perished as a rebel, he continues to live in Croatian minds as a hero. He became a symbol of fighting against injustice, and history has only words of praise for this brave individual. Today, almost half of millennia later, the fight of his armies is annually reconstructed by residents of Stubica. This time of the year has come again, and you are invited to join in.

Donja and Gornja Stubica Tourist Board, together with Knight Order of Golden Chalice Donja Stubica are organizing a costumed reconstruction of the battle which happened in 1573. The program starts with mountain-hiking tour at 9:30 a.m. The attendees will be familiarized with local routes used by peasant rebellion. Two hours later, a Medieval Fair will be organized in Park of J.Stubicanca. The actual rebellion starts at 1:30 p.m. as the peasant army forms and heads towards Majsevoc Mlin. At 2:00 p.m. the warrior armies clash, showing what the battle looked like 500 years ago.

Attendees coming from Zagreb can arrive to Donja Stubica via train. A special line has been established for the occasion called Cug Gupcevih Puntara. The ticket price is 10 HRK / 1.30 €. After the battle ends, visitors may wish to relax in the Jezercica Thermae, or enjoy the hospitality of numerous local bars, inns and restaurants.

Take thy sword, and come, dear traveler!


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