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A lot of people are aware of so-called “Bermuda Triangle”, a point in Atlantic Ocean where vessels and aircraft disappear with no apparent explanation. A lot of theories, usually involving extraterrestrial presence, have developed during the years. Croats also have their version of this phenomenon, although nobody vanished without trace…yet.

Pag Triangle is a nickname given to a megalithic impress discovered by geologist Zdenko Grabavac in 1999. The official name of the site is “Pag Venture Star”. As the name suggests, it was found on the Island of Pag, more precisely, on Tusto hill in the vicinity of popular Novalja resort. Grabavac was doing his regular research when he noticed a triangle-looking formation in the soil, two sides having 32 meters in length, while one having 22.

After Grabovac reported his discoveries, Pag became a destination of choice for archeologists and ufologists of the world, who developed a theory that triangle is a part of ancient structure of alien origin. The fact that Pag has a notable list of UFO sighting reports also fueled the interest. As a matter of fact, because of strange occurrences which happened on island, locals had a story that Jesus visited this place after resurrection.

And while skeptics wave their hands, one must admit that further research brought some interesting features of the triangle to light. The structure of stones found inside the triangle is unique and quite different from stones outside of the imprint. Ultraviolet exposure revealed that these stones have red phosphorescence, meaning that they were a subject of extreme heat in the past. No other stone on Pag has the same nature.

Interested in this unique phenomenon? No other choice than coming to Novalja with your UFO-hunting gear and reveal the mysteries of Pag triangle. And while being there, check the strange underwater circles of Adriatic.


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