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As previously announced on Like Croatia, visitors of Slavonia were able to participate in a unique seasonal celebration. Expecting the holiday has never been sweeter, as Osijek Christmas Cake was revealed and opened for tasting in city’s historical core. The grandiose piece of Slavonian pastry was made by Mlinar Company, under supervision of Gordana Alebic. The lovely cake weighted almost one half of the ton, and had two meters in height and width.

Osijek Christmas Cake

Osijek Christmas Cake was made using 2500 eggs, 100 kilograms of flour and sugar, 65 kilograms of chocolate, 50 kilograms of walnuts and 25 kilograms of margarine. In addition, ten kilograms of cocoa powder was used. According to the organizers, more than 10 000 of Osijek Christmas Cake slices were sold to attendees of city Advent. The price of 2 HRK (about 25 Euro cents) was rather symbolic, but when multiplied with the number of slices, a notable amount was gathered. It all went for humanitarian cause, more precisely, to a project supporting children with inadequate parental care.

Check out the gallery of Osijek Christmas Cake below. And if you have witnessed the occasion, share your own photos on our Facebook Wall.


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