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In the very heart of Dalmatian region, one can experience the orange color of Primosten. It is not a new type of color, mind you, but maybe one should distinguish it from other kinds of orange. Engulfing the entire coastal settlement in a relaxing vibe, the sunrays behave as tempera paints spread over a wonderful scenery. Come to this lovely Croatian town, and witness this beauty by yourself.

If you have your own photos depicting the orange color of Primosten, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall. Our online community likes everything associated with Croatia, and will gladly share their impressions about staying in the country. In the addition, your photo might be selected for our publishing on our web page, turning you into LC’s media contributor of the day. Don’t forget you can also buy an air ticket to Primosten on our site, as well as finding a cozy accommodation for your summer holiday.


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