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One of the things Croats usually associate with traditional celebrations is orahnjaca. A very popular species of nut roll, its variations can be found in the many regions of Central and Eastern Europe. Sweet and tasty, orahnjaca can easily become your favorite pastry as well, especially if you prepare it with quality ingredients. Here is one of the ways to prepare it.

What you will need

For the Dough:

4 egg yolks

100 g sugar

120 g butter

1 lemon

250 ml milk

40 g freshly made yeast

600 g flour



For the Stuffing:

200 g grounded walnuts

70 g sugar

1 spoon of grounded cinnamon

100 ml milk

Orahnjaca Preparation

Use an electric mixer to thoroughly combine egg yolks, sugar, butter and lemon skin. In 50 ml of warm milk, add freshly grounded yeast. Blend the flour with some salt and periodically add this mixture to the bowl with butter and yolks. Don’t stop stirring at this moment. Finally, add the yeast. If needed, shape the dough with your own hands, forming a rectangle. Leave on a warm place for an hour. During that time, feel free to switch you attention towards the stuffing. The stuffing is rather simple. Just mix all the raw ingredients with some milk and stir thoroughly.

Once the dough is ready, cut it on three pieces of same size. Each of them should be processed with a rolling pin on a floured platform. Insert the stuffing mixture on every piece, in the way that you have empty space approximately one centimeter away from edges. Fold two shorter and one longer sides of the rectangle, and begin rolling, as shown on the photo below.  Leave for another 30 minutes before the next step.


Take a roasting pan and cover its interior with melted butter. Pre-heat the oven at 180 °C and put orahnjaca inside for 50 minutes. Feel free to cover its upper side with baking paper. That way, the crust won’t turn black.

Once the bake is over, transfer the cakes on long plate and cover with sugar powder. Enjoy the meal with your family and friends!

Dobar tek!


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