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Big waves are not necessary scenery that everyone likes, but visitors of Opatija appreciate their presence quite fondly. Refreshing and enjoyable, they don’t only put smile on surfer’s faces, but entertain younger generations as well. Plus, they are quite inspirational to carriers of photo cameras (and in current era of Smartphones, we all belong to that group). As a matter of fact, a group of Croatian enthusiasts known as Stormchasers are passionate in documenting images of bad weather.

Opatija is Croatia’s original resort town, and one of country’s most prominent destinations. It is a perfect spot if you wish to enjoy wellness services, and rich gastronomy offer guarantees your satisfaction at the table. Opatija is also known for its beautiful „Lungo Mare“, a promenade next to sea. The settlement’s symbol is a statue of Maiden with a seagull, authored by artist Zvonko Car. You can find it on Opatija’s shore, and literally every postcard of Opatija.

Opatija Tourist Board
Opatija Tourist Board

One can also suggest Opatija to cyclists, as the surrounding area features numerous tracks and routes for their favorite activity. These can be used for regular runners as well. Of course, swimmers and divers are also welcome, although keep your shorts dry on the days like the one in our photo gallery below:


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