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Onions are great ingredients. Each dish they accompany gets a completely new level of taste. They are great on their own, too. Especially if you don’t expect company (due to bad breath and all that). A lot of Croats like to make the following chutney for their roasted meals, especially in combination with boar meat. However, if you really want to enjoy it in the simplest form, just spread it over home-made bread with some liver pâté and add a few leafs of rucola salad. Here’s how you can make onion jam!

What you will need

Some olive oil

1 kg red onion

450 g sugar

2 Peperoncinis

200 ml white wine (sweeter kinds)

200 ml aceto balsamico

100 ml water


Onion Jam Preparation

Mince the onions thoroughly and fry them on some olive oil. The flame should be light, in order to prevent the overburning of ingredients. Stir gently until onion becomes soft. Add peperoncinis, together with some wine. Insert all other ingredients and wait until the mixture receives gel-like thickness.

Insert the compound in sterilized jars. Using regular ones might lead to contamination of onion jam, making it inedible (and not very nice to look at).

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