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In the settlement of Pitve, located on the gorgeous Croatian Island of Hvar, one can find a lot of old stone houses. Yet one of them has a rather interesting backstory, and an owner which comes from the distant land of Scottish people.

“My ancestors lived in Pitve, but the family moved in late 19th century to Western Australia. My grandfather was born there, and had a very unique life. During World War II, he participated in Pacific Theater, only to end up in Cameroon, where he met my Scottish grandmother,” the owner explained his family’s past.


“Fundamentally, the couple moved to Scotland, where they continued to live. My grandfather’s stories about Hvar made a big influence on me. He always described it as the most wonderful isle in the world. And about a decade ago, when I first came to it, I was assured that he was right.”

During this trip, a relative from Hvar offered this Croatia-loving Scotsman to buy an estate on the Island. He eagerly accepted, planning to invest his time, money and effort in the somewhat neglected structure. However, his Pitve adventure lasted much longer than expected. It took him ten years to finish the project, even with help of Croatian architect Marija Boskovic.


The main problem was a lengthy local administration processes. The renovation had to be done in accordance with Hvar’s traditional architecture, so officials literally had to track every step during the project.  However, the final result was well worth the wait. The house is a real beauty of Pitve village, arranged with the help of numerous Hvar craftsmen.

“It took some time to deal with Croatian paperwork, but I don’t really mind it for one simple reason. While I was waiting for some documents to be finished, I went in the café where I met a woman of my dreams. We married, and now have two boys,” the Scotsman explained with a smile, showing his fancy Pitve home.


Check out how Scottish connection worked with Hvar vibe in the gallery below.


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