Like Croatia Sinke

As the fresh member of European Union, Croatia is a modern country, unafraid of progress and eager to embrace new things. However, some old things simply can’t get out of the fashion. Onboard a traditional Croatian Sailing Ship, for example, one can enjoy things unavailable on the high-tech yacht or gargantuan cruising vessels. The fact that planks, rope and sail can move the ship with literally the same efficiency as contemporary propulsion systems (depending on the wind, of course) is quite interesting. Add charming interior and a crew with sincere smile, and you are bound to have a wonderful adventure on Adriatic Waves.

Have you ever been onboard a traditional Croatian Sailing Ship? Surely you have a lot of interesting photos! Pick up a few and upload them to our Facebook Wall, so that our online community can witness the fun you had on Adriatic shoreline. The photo above, depicts a crew on their way to Palagruza Island.



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