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Spending some quality time with family and friends is the reason why people save money for holidays. Especially if they include cruising the unknown seas in a large city-like cruiser. If you decide to book your cabin on such gigantic vessel, you are bound to have a lot of great sights on your way to vacation in Croatia. Adriatic Sea is among the most beautiful naval destinations in the world, featuring crystal-like surface in the shallows, and deep, healthy blue in depths.

The photo above shows British mega-cruiser Regal Princess on her way to Dubrovnik. The crew is very excited, as it will soon walk the centuries-old streets and alleys of Adriatic Pearl, and meet thousands of welcoming locals.

Are you planning such trip in the upcoming summer? In that case, consider our list of tours which are organized in Dubrovnik. You’ll easily get the most of your holiday, not to mention your dining expectations- local Good Restaurants are ready to serve you the best delicacies of the region. On your way to vacation, you will find a lot of beauty. But just wait when until you reach Croatia, and when the holiday truly begins! You’ll be posting photos on Facebook on one-minute base.


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