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The tradition of making olive products is quite strong in Mediterranean region, and Croatia follows the pattern. The local groves count numerous centuries of age, and people are well-crafted with harvesting practices. Yet, Olive Picking Championship has never been organized, and that is about to change in 2017, thanks to residents of Brac Island.

Quite a popular tourist destination, this Island has approximately 2500 sun hours per year, counting it among the sunniest localities on Adriatic coast. Now, the coastal settlement of Postira is staging a unique festivity, which will combine food and agriculture with culture and entertainment. Everyone is invited to join the world’s first Championship in olive picking, which will take place on Brac between October 19th and 22nd 2017.

Tom Dubravec / CROPIX Agency

From technical point of view, the competition part is just a formality. The main idea behind the project is to gather people from all sides of the world in Postira, and encourage them to mutual friendships and co-operations. Contestants are required to present their own olive-oriented products, and will even receive a booth where they can show them to the wider audiences.

Every team has two olive pickers (two ladies and two gentlemen). In addition to picking sessions, the competitors will enjoy organized trips to neighboring sites of interest on Brac Island, as well as pleasant evenings with fine dining and friendly atmosphere.

The applicants are free to visit the official website of Postira, or just send an e-mail to

This unique event is one of many which will take place on Brac in 2017, but one can’t deny its novelty and originality. The participants will certainly have a fascinating experience, and learn a lot from olive experts of the world. If you intend to become one of them, and explore the groves of Brac, don’t forget where you learned about it. Upload a few photos to our Facebook Wall as a sign of thanks.


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