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If you intend to visit Croatia with local delicacies in mind, trying octopus in the coastal areas is a must. Prepared in traditional ways of Istrian, Kvarner and Dalmatia regions, this tasty meal is a tourist attraction of its very own kind. Yet, sometimes it’s wise to go beyond the centuries-old culinary track, and try a more contemporary and exotic way of preparing this underwater creature. Combining octopus with chanterelles salad is one such edition of the dish. Don’t expect it as an option in the old-fashioned Croatian restaurant, but those bold diners which like to experiment with taste bud sensations. Or, if you are eager enough to try making some of your own, here is how you do it!

What you will need

1 kg octopus

400 g chanterelles


Parmesan Cheese


1 dcl white wine

Olive oil

Aceto Balsamico


Octopus with Chanterelles Salad Preparation

Now, octopus is a very specific ingredient which actually benefits from being frozen before preparation. As a matter of fact, you can freeze it for couple of times before cooking, and the texture will be much smoother during consummation.

Cook the octopus, cut it on smaller pieces and sort it together with chanterelles on olive oil. Add salt, a small amount of butter and pour the wine of white kind over the ingredients.

Mix rucola with olive oil and aceto balsamico. Cover it with the cooked octopus pieces and chanterelles. And for the final touch, put some parmesan cheese, grated on leaf-like slices, atop. If you like stronger tastes, you can also add a few capers. This dish can be served on all temperatures, but colder ones are preferred.

Have you done it? Feel free to take a photo of your dish and upload it to our Facebook Community for other people’s feedback, comments and friend requests leading to dinner.

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