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There is a tourist feature of Croatia which is difficult to explain. Sure, one can write that night sky of Croatia is beautiful. But it is even more than that. In coastal settlements, especially those located on the islands, the stars are so bright that observer might think he or she is on another planet.

There is a scientific reason for such unique nature of Croatian skies during night. The clarity of sky is determined by many factors, one of the most important being lack of surrounding light pollution. Less illumination means the night is darker, and darker night means brighter stars. Since Croatian coastline lacks major light pollutants, the stars are pretty much visible, even to the naked eye.

The Island of Lastovo, for example, has not only the darkest night sky of Croatia, but of European Continent at general. In other words, if you are passionate explorer of space and would like to provide a perfect working area for your telescope, come to this Croatian destination. Just find yourself an accommodation, reserve your airline ticket, and begin exploring the distant realms of our universe. Also, come to Lastovo if you are a romantic soul! You know what we mean.

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