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We already informed you about numerous film productions which are taking place in Croatia. In addition to internationally renowned series such as Game of Thrones and Homeland, a number of influential car manufacturers is also filming their television adverts in the country. The new Lexus commercial, for example, has been filmed in Rijeka’s large cargo port.

The Japanese brand of luxurious vehicles is actually a division of automaker Toyota. Known for its fancy sedans and SUVs, the company is present in over 70 countries, and perceived as one of the most successful car assembler in the world.

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As for Rijeka, it is Croatia’s largest naval port. Despite the high level of traffic, it is also a very desirable tourist destination, located in the very heart of Kvarner Riviera. In addition to its strong ties with overseas businesses, Rijeka is also known for its specific cultural identity. Having rich alternative scene and being a birthplace of many notable Croatian rock bands, it is a rather unique place on Croatian coast.

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The new Lexus Commercial was filmed in Brajdica Container port, and plays with motifs of secret agents and corresponding pursuits. The crazy chase through the area shows all the shiny features of their upcoming vehicle series, from high performances to stylish design. Although there wasn’t much gorgeous Croatian sceneries in the frame, the film will certainly serve as an ambassador of the country as well.

Check out the movie below:


Surprisingly enough, Lexus is not the only company which chose Croatia for filming their promotional material. Last month, American company Ford filmed a short movie called Le Fantôme, starring Mad Mikkelsen, promoting their upcoming SUV model.

We are sure that it is only a matter of time before another great car manufacturer will present their vehicle in the Croatian sceneries. After all, they became quite recognizable on international scale, knowing the renown of the country as a tourist destination.


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