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Wine Info

Type of Wine: Dry

Species: Malvazija, Chadonnay

Retail Price: 313 HRK / 42 €

Alcohol Volume: 14%

Nevina Saints Hills 2011 Review

Nevina Saints Hills 2011 Commentary

In the vineyards of Sveti Ante, Tolj family picks the fruits with their bare hands. But that’s not enough. After this manual process, they check out their gathering once more, and only the best examples are taken for their top wine offer. The ratio is three malvazija to one chardonnay, both products of fantastic locality and red-colored soil. The wine is tendered separately in young oak tree, stainless steel and specially designed vessels. These are made of concrete in an egg-like shape, formed to discover the perfect measurements for a perfect wine. The nectar is then poured into the bottles, without any filters whatsoever.

Even the design of Nevina Saints Hills 2011 has been carefully picked, in a layer-like fashion. It comes equipped with a nice etiquette and soft paper wrappings, as well as a classy wooden box. The three liter bottle, known as Jeroboam, also adds to majestic vibe (Jeroboam being a king from the Old Testament). It inclines the consumer to cool the wine on fine temperature, respect the rules of opening and its rituality, choose glasses which go nicely with nectar such as this, and think carefully which food to serve next to a glass of Nevina. It is another Croatian magnum, a wine which accepts no compromises, and turns every hour after opening into a unique experience.

Culinary Companionship

Next to Nevina Saints Hills 2011, a prudent chef will serve freshly roasted fish of Adriatic, hopefully spiced with fennel. Potato is also a welcome guest on a plate. Whatever you do, don’t open the bottle without a good occasion. It really lifts the entire atmosphere, and adds a new meaning to enjoyment in wine.


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