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For years now, the small town of Metkovic has been the starting point of Neretva Sailing Marathon. It is a traditional vessel race which annually happens on the second Saturday of August, and gathers numerous rowing crews. At average, more than 600 people actively participate in the race, while the audience numbers tens of thousands attendees, both local and foreign.


River Neretva never disappoints as a racing track, providing a challenging route with over 22 kilometers in length. The participants are travelling through numerous small towns and localities, including Kula Norinska, Opuzen, Banjic and Stablina. The whole event finishes is the town of Ploce in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The observers can track the racers in their private vessels, but also special tourist transporters. A special train is also following the competing rowers from the shores.


All participating vessels have to be carved in accordance with Croatian traditions. Every crew numbers ten rowers, one navigator and a drummer which provides rhythm. The winning teams of Neretva Sailing Marathon are given medals, but also small shields as a trophy for their achievements.


Check out the images of this year’s race in our photo gallery below


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