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Region of Lika-Karlovac is located in very center of Croatia, connecting the coast with the county’s continental part. Rich in historical background and natural beauty, it is a place of culture and tradition, and as many visitors already learned, leisure is also not difficult to find. After all, Karlovac is home to one of Croatia’s largest beer breweries.

It is interesting to note that in older times, people living in coastal Croatia went to Lika for vacation in summer. Being a mountainous region, it had much friendlier air temperatures, and its gastronomy was able to match the best delicacies coming from Adriatic Sea.

From adrenaline parks to softball terrains, from animal shelters protecting bear families to museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla (who was, by the way, born in Lika) the region is rich in options for entertainment and education. Just check out this promotional video, produced by Lika-Karlovac Tourist Board:

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