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A little more than ten years ago, Nadin villagers visited the southern reaches of France in order to learn about grape harvesting. Although Croats had enological tradition for centuries, a few tricks from Europe’s most notable winemakers couldn’t harm. And it didn’t- today, the small settlement of Nadin became a strong center for Croatian wine industry.

Nadin: Croatian Haven of Wine

This small village can be found in the Dalmatian region, close to much-loved coastal City of Zadar. It is considered to be the most ecological wine district in Croatia, as most of the grapes on its territory are harvested in organic way.

A lot of tourists are visiting Nadin to try its unique wines, which can be described as Croatian approaches to traditional French kinds- including syrah and cabernet sauvignon. Guests are also enjoying the prime delicacies of Dalmatian cuisine, especially the golden-colored olive oil. Less than a decade since its residents were visiting France, village of Nadin became a notable tourist destination. Far from crowds, yet close to coastline, it is a perfect destination for one-day trip if vacating in the vicinity.

Nadin: Croatian Haven of Wine

Like Croatia talked with Sime Skaulja and Zeljko Vrsaljka, a duo of Nadin winemakers who are highly regarded in settlement’s blooming enological scene. “Nadin has changed a lot thanks to its wines, and that is evolving the looks of the hamlet as well,” Sime noted. “Tourism is not just having sun and the sea. Guests want unique experiences and trying something new every day. “

In addition to wine cellar, Sime has also built a tasting room of considerable size, where people can enjoy the wide range of his products. Zeljko, on the other hand, notes that his “Vina Vrsaljko” wine brand is advertised in Austria, and is regular order in premium Dalmatian hotels such as “Ilirija” and “Falkensteiner.”

Nadin: Croatian Haven of Wine

Locals of Nadin won’t stay on wine production alone, though. They are planning to invest in accommodation services. The pioneer on this field is Sime Odzakovic, offering agro-touristic vacation to guests on his ranch. “People resting on my estate are waking up with sounds of birds singing. They splash into the pool, and then go for a walk in the beautiful Dalmatian scenery. But don’t think that they lack modern appliances- each of my rooms has access to wireless internet, high-tech air conditioning, LCD tv-set and satellite channel selection.”

Will Nadin become even more relevant spot for tourism in Croatia? When passion of his residents is viewed, it goes in best possible direction.


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