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When you think of it, one doesn’t really need much from a vacation. Sometimes, a remote natural site is all what is required, as long as it has beautiful view of the sea, a sound of crickets in the back and the feeling of being safe- away from the business duties, schedules, appointments and working hours. One such site, as can be observed on the photo above, can be provided by the mystical beauty of Brela settlement. It was visited by our reader Rákóczi Zsuzsa Nagy Erzsébet‎ during the travels of Croatian coastline, from which the photo came to existence.

The mystical beauty of Brela is truly fascinating, yet it is not the only place of natural splendor in Croatia. If you have similar photos of your vacation in the country, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and share the country’s beauty with our online community. In addition, you’ll earn a chance to become our daily media contributor.


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