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Have you visited any museums lately? Last evening was a perfect opportunity, thanks to annual international event that made all these cultural institutions opened up to late hours. Museum Night in Croatia was also organized, and many people attended in their home towns. Of course, a lot of foreign tourists joined the nocturnal adventure as well. From large animal beasts over historical documents and items of the past to artistic installations, the manifestation has impressed every guest that decided not to go to bed early.

Museum Night in Croatia

Check out what Museum Night in Croatia (and a bit of its daylight hours) looked like across the country in our image gallery below. Learn more about events happening in Croatia here, and don’t hesitate to share your own media on our Facebook Wall. From wherever you are reading us, make visits to museums one of your New Year resolutions. They are indeed places worthy of one’s time, educating, entertaining and  providing visitors of all ages with wit and knowledge.

Cropix Photo: Niksa Duper, Denis Jerkovic, Goran Sebelic, Tomislav Kristo, Emica Elvedji, Vojko Basic, Darko Tomas, Zeljko Hajdinjak, Luka Gerlanc.