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If you are heading to Croatia in the upcoming summer days, be prepared to witness a lot of sights such as one above. Depicting Island of Murter and Kornati Archipelago, it visually promises you’ll have a great time on your holiday, surrounded with beauty and adventure as you travel through Croatia’s landscape.

Located in northern Dalmatian waters, these islands are well-known localities on Adriatic coastline. Murter is rich in olive groves, some having centuries in age, while products of its vineyards have been praised by generations of enologists. Locals have developed their own traditional ship designs, so don’t be surprised if you see wooden vessels such as gajeta, loger or leut in Murter waters.

Kornati Islands, on the other hand, are a perfect place for those who seek peace and solitude on vacation. A large portion of them have a status of national park, having a separate ecosystem and providing sights impossible to forget. The archipelago doesn’t have any settlements on its soil, adding a note of relaxing and somewhat mystical vibe to its shores.

This photo of Murter and Kornati was sent to us by our frequent reader Barack Hamvas, resident of Hungarian city called Pécs . If you have photos of Croatia you’d like to share with our readers, don’t hesitate to upload them to our Facebook Wall, and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


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