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Did you know that senior Croats who live on the coast had a habit of spending summer in the mountainous regions? They had enough of Adriatic Sea in their lives, thus they rather went to forests of Gorski Kotar during heat season, enjoying the refreshing shades and beautiful continental sceneries. They certainly wouldn’t mind being stationed at Sumska Vila (Forest Fairy) estate, located in the Mrkopalj region. And after checking out the charming interior and lovely surroundings, we bet modern generations wouldn’t mind spending some time with Mrkopalj fairy as well.

Mrkopalj Fairy Charms Everybody

Mrkopalj is known to be the first place in Croatia to host skiing lessons (as early as 1913). In addition, its residents organized the first local tournament in cross country skiing and ski jumping. Both of these events were of international character. And while the charming house serves as a perfect winter resort, its owners note that people love to visit it in the summer as well.

Mrkopalj fairy belongs to Cubranic family, living in the settlement of Vrbik on the Island of Krk. It was envisioned by architect Marko Frankovic, who was wise enough to follow the architectural identity of Gorski Kotar region. Because of that, Sumska Vila doesn’t stand out from its surroundings; rather it incorporates itself into the sceneries.

Mrkopalj Fairy Charms Everybody

The estate has three bedrooms and bathrooms, large kitchen with dining area, spacious living chamber and several other rooms. It also has its very own sauna facility. Situated right next to the large pine tree forest, it is just a few steps from quietness only such locality can provide. What is especially interesting is that entire house was built without any bonding material. There are no metal nails or screws, as everything is connected with wooden wedges. Of course, the stability is not threatened at all because of this.

“We wanted to have a house in the mountains to retreat from Vrbik during tourist season,” Josip Cubranic explained to LC source. “Naturally, we love this place in the winter as well. It is cozy, spacious, full of light and having the wonderful scent of wood.” A lot of wooden furniture in Mrkopalj fairy was hand-crafted by owners themselves.


Check out what estate looks like in our photo gallery below. If interested in renting the estate, contact owners at


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