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Today, we bring you a rather unique piece of Croatian architectural design. It is authored by Davor Meterkovic from Zagreb-based PROARH, a company with long expertise in the field, their portfolio including residential, commercial and sport projects. Yet, our attention was drawn by their attempt to construct a Modern Zagorje Hiza. In other words, house which combines the tradition of Zagorje region with contemporary trends in architecture. Final result? An estate which can be described with nothing less than impressive.

Modern Zagorje Hiza: Combining Past With Present

Hiza” is the word used for “house” in kajkavski dialect of Croatian language. However, other regions of Croatia use it to describe a house in Zagorje region, usually involving all charms of the country’s rural elements. In order to make a modern Zagorje Hiza, Davor and his team found one old Hiza in the vicinity of Kumrovec. This town is known to be a birthplace of Joseph Broz Tito, the leader of Croatian anti-fascist movement and lifelong president of former Yugoslavian republic.

The estate is several decades old, and was in pretty bad shape when Davor’s team reached its spot. However, the beauty of surrounding green Zagorje slopes encouraged the investor to update the house, turning it into a great spot for sunny weekend. PROARH people preserved the original look of the house, adding features which increased the connectivity of the space, providing more light and fluency along the way.

Modern Zagorje Hiza: Combining Past With Present

Modern Zagorje Hiza features 230 square meters, and has everything what a large family might want during their continental vacation. All treats of Zagorje home are still here. The central space is ognjiste, a term one could easily describe as “the place next to the fireplace”. Path to hiza’s main door is surrounded with small wooden logs. Straw elements were not completely stripped from the structure, and can be still found in its interior. A large wooden terrace virtually bridges the house with the surrounding landscape, providing a great spot to sit down and enjoy local delicacies.

Check out more of this original estate in our photo gallery below, and don’t hesitate to visit PROARH’s official website.


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