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Croatian furniture makers have a long tradition, and although small in comparison with certain competitors, the local industry manages to bring quality products at affordable prices. If you wish to arrange your home in Croatian style, consider visiting Furniture Modeling Showroom. It is located in Zagreb’s Boskoviceva Street 18, but it also has a frequently updated Facebook Profile.

The showroom includes furniture and arrangements of three Croatian firms. From floor tiles to chairs and tables, every piece of interior has been made with local skills.

“Most items in our showroom are made from oak tree, but you can also find ash tree and beech,” said Ljubo Kolar, who stands behind Furniture Modeling brand. “The plants used in manufacture are all of Croatian origin and follow strict ecological parameters.”

“We wanted to show that Croats think a lot about design quality. The products are modern and attractive yet hold a very competitive price. You can buy a designer table for 4000 HRK (530 €), which is not expensive for such piece of household” Kolar concludes.

Check out the exhibits of Furniture Modelling Showoom in our image gallery below.

Photo: Boris Kovacev / Hanza Media