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Need home arrangement inspiration for the upcoming holidays? Explore a gorgeous Christmas Carol of Vinkovci, brought to you by Croatian food and interior stylist Filipa Sorko. Our field team has visited this charming Croatian town to witness her work, and they didn’t hide their positive impressions.

After winning in a local cooking TV-show, this 24 year old resident of Vinkovci couldn’t resist decorating her home in Christmas colors. Resembling a site from fable books, it immediately embraces the guests with holiday vibe and Advent atmosphere.


“Whenever I stage dinners and dine, my initial point is to plan how the space will look like,” Filipa explains, with passion in her eyes. “I am easily inspired. I remember all the places I have visited, books I have read and things one can encounter on social networks.”

“However, I am also greatly inspired by outdoor surroundings of my house,” she notes, showing large pine trees neighboring her porch. These plants have actively participated in decoration, as their twigs were installed above the table. In addition to visual quality, they also add to atmosphere with their refreshing smell. Filipa also put some twigs on the table itself, next to golden forks and crystal glasses.

Crafty with her hands, Filipa contributed to her table with home-made, animal-looking name holders.  “As usual, I couldn’t find enough deer figurines in our shops, so I had to make some of my own. I modified horses for such use, and even one tiger became a deer for the day,” she laughed, showing her work to LC team.


But Christmas Carol of Vinkovci was not the only event of the kind for witty designer. Recently she has begun to stage the so-called secret dinners. It is a surprise meal on a hidden location, reserved for guests invited via social networking. “I already made two such gatherings, the last one being very unique,” she noted. “The topic was old Hollywood, and I was very satisfied with how that went.”

Get inspired for Christmas decorations with our photo gallery below:


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