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Although still being a student of Design in Zagreb, Luka Palestrina Mazic has won several notable awards in his career. So far, he received accolades for patented electrical knife and monolithic storage called Dota. Together with his colleague Josipa Tadic he won Hacking Ikea competition in 2016. MaliDom modular home is his latest achievement- and knowing that it has triumphed at this year’s Zagreb Design Week, you may expect it to become an international success.

MaliDom can literally be transcribed as LittleHome. It is imagined as easy-to-make modular residence that can provide comfy surroundings in all environments. If surrounded with snow and low temperatures, MaliDom becomes a well-protected and optimally heated living space. Bring it on Mediterranean beach, and it turns into an open tent-like structure that becomes your summer home.

“Since my father is from Ugljan Island, I have spent a lot of my time in the nature,” Luka explained. “I think that we all need some break from digitally run world and reconnect with our natural surroundings. But at the same time, we wish to continue having the circumstances of modern life. It was this philosophy that inspired me to design MaliDom.”

The structure has everything one could need for a short stay in nature. Imagined to host two people, MaliDom features 15 square meters of interior space that include kitchen, toilet, sleeping room and living quarters.

“People don’t have to lower their standards or cease living according to their habits while having an isolated vacation”, Luka said. He also expressed that Croatia may invest in his invention, since it could benefit local tourism efforts. Every year, the country notes considerable increase in foreign arrivals. Construction of novel accommodation spaces might lead to environment damage, so ecology-friendly options such as MaliDom could be of much value.

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Photo: Luka Palestrina Mazic