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About two decades ago, a movie called ‘Bodyguard’ became an instant success, mostly because it featured Kevin Costner and late Whitney Houston in leading roles. But there was one more reason which made this film so popular- a setting of a romantic wooden house, surrounded by forest.  Even today, many viewers remember it as a perfect accommodation for an outdoor vacation. Well, perfection is now available in green forests of Croatia. More precisely, the country’s region of Gorski Kotar.

Belonging to hospitable Zagrebian owners, the house of ‘Magus Tabernus’ is everything you ever wanted from your staying place in woods. Surrounded by tall pines, it is located in the vicinity of Hvelci settlement. Croats usually construct such houses from oak, but ‘Magus’ is actually made from spruce and fir trees. It is quite huge building, having more than 200 square meters, and can host up to eight residents. Needless to say, the interior is full of details which contribute to one’s comfort and visual identity of Gorski Kotar, and if you miss swimming, you can always enjoy the heated pool.


Surrounding untouched nature is an attraction of its own, but you definitely don’t want to miss the neighboring sites such as amazing Lake of Lokve, depths of Vrelo Cavern, fascinating canyon of Kamacnik and National Park Risnjak. Without question, these places will prove that coastal regions are not the only place to enjoy in Croatia.

Interested in renting? Check out Tabernus official website. And in the meantime, have a quick glance on our photo gallery below:


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