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A lot of old houses in Croatia are just waiting to be restored to their former state, but lack of funds prevent immediate renovation. Thanks to new owners from Norway, an old stone house on the Island of Vis didn’t have to wait for updated looks. Called Vila Artemis, the estate has over 400 years of age, and is located in a peaceful section of Vis Town called Plohat od Cvijeca (The Flower Square).

During renovation, the new owners were very respectful towards traditional Vis architecture. The repairs were made in accordance with the surroundings, and under surveillance of island’s officials. As the result, Vila Artemis is a genuine Vis stone house, which can offer a perfect stay in historical setting of Dalmatia.


In past, the entrance to the villa had a small well, used by inhabitants. Believing this to be an original feature, the new owners renovated it as well. It is a small landmark which introduces the arrivers to large outdoor courtyard, having over 100 square meters in size and decorated with palms and lemon trees. It is a very welcoming and pleasant space, which calls for evening gatherings with wine and cheese.

Although the house has an old vibe, it comes with modern appliances, especially in the kitchen area. The villa has floor heating, although tossing a few logs in the fireplace is also an option.  It comes with five bedrooms and two bathing chambers, while the furniture is a combination of traditional and contemporary designs.


The Island of Vis is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Despite that, it is still largely undiscovered and spared from dense crowds. If you dream about spending some time in such setting, feel free to reserve your stay in Vila Artemis. Guests are welcome even in winter months, and for more information visit VisVillas, Navigator or Exclusive Croatian Villas.

Check out the looks of the villa in our photo gallery below:


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