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In recent years, a lot of effort has been invested in safekeeping the traditional architecture of Dalmatia. Usually associated with stone and wood, this architectural style is losing its ground in face of new building materials. But there are sites which refuse such outcome, apart-hotel Lumby on the Island of Korcula being the key example.

Located in much-loved settlement of Lumbarda, this resort gathers several family houses, each having about a century in age. And although the estate was in neglected state a couple of years ago, thanks to hard work of its new owner Tanja Gutenmorgen, it shines with a new light. „It took six months just to end the preparations for construction, but we finally begun working in April 2016,“ she noted to LC source.


Lumby is truly a gorgeous site and the prime spot for resting your luggage on Korcula Island. It was renovated in the traditional ways of Dalmatian buliding, which was a big challenge for the workers. But with wit and knowledge of Zelena Gradnja architectural firm, the final result is rather impressive.

Although it is made in accordance with old designs and using conventional materials, the whole structure is very stable and satisfies the most rigid standards of modern architecture. The leader of construction process, Mario Kljufas, didn’t hide his impressions. “I was actually surprised when I found out how old materials handle the job. I am very satisfied with how quick we managed to renovate Lumby, and how the final result looks like.”


According to owner’s words, the locals were also cheering for the success of the project. Many of them didn’t believe how old Dalmatian houses were transformed into such fascinating accommodation resort. “The fact that people come to Croatia in order to witness untouched nature supports every cost when building ecologically-friendly estates,” Tanja concluded. “It actually makes us even more competitive on the tourist market, as we are different, better and even more trendy,” she explained, hoping that Lumby will be boost the potential of already popular Lumbarda.

Check out the vibe of the place in our picture galley below:



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