Like Croatia Sinke

Croatia is still under impression of National Soccer Team  that achieved outstanding success during this year’s World Cup. There were many key elements that contributed to their victories, but leadership of Luka Modric is certainly one of the most valuable ones.

The recognition of Luka Modric has been coming from all sides of the world as the young Zadar resident became an international soccer celebrity. The most recent one came from UEFA, which proclaimed him Europe’s best football player.

Luka has thus triumphed over his main competitors Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo. The latter wasn’t very happy with the result, but the digits were going in Croatia’s favor. Modric was elected as best by trainers of 80 Champion League soccer teams and 55 professional sport journalists.

Modric expressed happiness and noted that his dreams have come to reality. He was especially proud of fact that he was a captain of Croatian national team and that successes are encouraging him for new achievements.

Who knows what we can expect from this 33-year old star in the future?

Photo: UEFA (Screenshot)