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Losinj, the “island of vitality,” is a place of tranquility, natural beauty and dolphins. It’s also home to an antique bronze statue of an Apoxyomenos (the “Scraper”) that was found in a sea bed between the islet of Vele Orjule and Losinj just 14 years ago. The statue stands at 192 centimeters tall and represents an young athlete scraping oil, dust and sweat from his body after a competition.

No one is certain how or when the statue came to find its place in the sea but estimates put its deposit at the beginning of the 1st century. Some say it was thrown overboard during bad weather so that a ship wouldn’t overturn. Others think that it served as a sacrifice to the gods for a safe passage from the Osor channel to a northern port on the Adriatic.

What is known though is that Croatia’s Apoxyomenos is the only large bronze statue ever found on the eastern coast of the Adriatic and is the most well-preserved of the eight most esteemed variations of the Apoxyomenos subject. See the statue today during your visit to beautiful Losinj.


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