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Spending some time on relaxing vacation will surely contribute to your beauty. But if you wish to add some extra effort, there’s no better place to do that No. 26 Beauty Lounge in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. Situated in Gunduliceva Street 26, this spot is run by sisters Tea and Vlatka Vanjek. Elegant and charming, this little pampering spot is more than ready to satisfy all your beauty needs.

No. 26 Beauty Lounge

The interior was arranged by architect Srecko Merla. Large ceramic tiles of bright colors easily bring customers to positive mood, as well as cozy arm chairs made by Italian designers. Such classy French Chic surroundings are only the preview of services that No. 26 Beauty Lounge offers. In addition to manicure and professional makeup services, this fancy saloon also offers massages, nail art and infinite shine appliance. Of course, these are just some of the things you can get arranged.

Visit the official website of No.26 Beauty Lounge and cherish Zagreb with your new look.

No. 26 Beauty Lounge

Photo: Sanja Jagatic