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There’s nothing worse than having your summer holidays ruined with bad weather. Luckily, Croatia’s climate is very friendly for swimmers and sunbathers, allowing you to enjoy most (if not all) days of your vacation.  By official data, average temperatures of the coastal areas hold at 25°C (77°F), but most locals don’t see their thermometers lowering below 30° (80°F).  These count, of course, just for summer period.

What will the weather be in the upcoming summer? According to AccuWeather , which counts as one of the most popular meteorological online services, Croatia is scheduled for a heat wave. Although this will require extra care for hydration, and a sun cream with a high protection factor,  it is suitable outdoor circumstance for a summer holiday.


Similar weather is expected across the entire Balkan Peninsula, as well as Italy and Spain. Northern Europe won’t see much sun in summer of 2017, as the source forecasts severe storms and lack of warmth.

Long story short, Croatia’s refreshing waters will surely cool down the sunny wave this year. Do consider visiting the country, as we are literally just weeks before the official beginning of tourist season.