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Croatia is not just one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the world. The country is also of interest to people who seek permanent residence. If you are among these, here are some facts to know about current prices of Houses in Croatia.

According to, the November prices of real estates in Croatia have increased for 0,8%. In comparison to flats, which are still more expensive than houses, the difference has been calculated to more than 21%.

Niksa Duper / CROPIX

The regional data might also be surprising to foreign reader. Porec and Dubrovnik are the only cities where residential houses are more expensive than apartment flats. The difference between these two categories are 10% in case of Dubrovnik and 2,5 in case of Porec.  Dubrovnik also notes the highest monthly increase in pricing of 5,8%. That means that a single square meter of house, outdoor area included, costs 4145 €.  Porec locks this value on 1911 €, which is 0,4% more than month before.

Inland territories of Croatia also note interesting digits. In Bjelovar, houses are approximately 44% more affordable than apartments, Osijek follows with 39% and Varazdin has the difference of 36,3% . Those who want to settle in Bjelovar will have to pay 434 € per square meter, which is 0,9% less expensive than month before.  If buying a real estate in Osijek, know that houses can be sold for 587 € per square meter while those in Osijek go for 713 €.

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Croatian Capital of Zagreb is in the center of many visitor attentions during Holiday Season. A square meter of sole residential building is approximately 1261 €. Slavonski Brod charges 634 € for same value. In the city of Senj one can note an interesting phenomenon: houses are up to 25% more affordable than apartment spaces. The approximate price on this locality is 1195 € per square meter.

Northwest coasts of Croatia have also been a subject to Crozilla’s research. Umag has been regarded as one of most precious sport localities in the region, and those who wish to buy a house can expect the price of 1877 € per square meter. Croatia’s original resort Town of Opatija charges 2216 €, which is 1,1% less than in October.  Pula charges 1459 €, while the Port of Rijeka 1229 € for single square meter of estate.

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Central Dalmatian prices are as follows: fans of Sibenik, if deciding to have a more permanent stay in the gorgeous city, can expect to pay 1529 € per square meter. In case of Zadar, the settlement that has the most beautiful sunsets in the world according to Alfred Hitchcock, the price is 1698 €. The latter includes outdoor area of the residence. Split has an monthly price increase of 3,8%, the digit closing at 2417 € per square meter.

Prices of houses in Croatia written above will certainly change in 2019. But if you are seeking a new home in the country, this might be a good reference guide for your interest.

Feature Photo: Tonci Plazibat / CROPIX