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Marko Zubak is a Croatian visual artist with special skill in paper sculpting. The author is known for his paper-toys, witty figurines that can serve as artistic pieces, space decorations or even means of play. When presented as works of art, they usually reflect upon modern life and paradoxes in society. Zubak is considered among the best artists in this form of expression, his exhibitions being organized across the world.

“I like the fact that this medium is completely free. People can download plans for figurine construction from the internet, and make them at home. Completely on their own”, Zubak explained. “This democratic side of paper-toys is very valuable to me.”

Zubak’s most recent line of artistic figurines is called Blockhead: Disoriented Series. As the name suggests, it involves a selection of cube-headed figures. These are put in specific positions that question topics of freedom, value and sense of self-worth. The author sometimes carries a few of them in his car, and when occasion arises, situates them in urban space.

The global paper-toys scene is not small. It connects people around the world of all cultures and generations. The fact that they can upload their work and share it with the community is really unique.  Who knows, maybe work of Marko Zubak will inspire some of our readers to join the scene and become paper artists. Visit Marko’s official website for more information on this craft.

Damjan Tadic / Hanza Media
Marko Zubak