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Croatia is quite popular destination for foreign movie productions, especially after the globally renowned fantasy series “Game of Thrones” was filmed on the country’s coast.  Le Fantôme, the promotional video for the newest Ford SUV Edge, can also be added to the list of made in Croatia movies.

The film was directed by Jake Scott, a notable film artist who worked with REM, Rolling Stones and Radiohead. The leading role was given to Mad Mikkelsen, whose interpretation of James Bond’s nemesis in Casino Royale greatly added to the popularity of the movie. Of course, Ford’s latest vehicle also has underlined presence in Le Fantôme.

Check out the movie below:

The eight-minute film is suspense-filled, and follows the engagement of a professional assassin (Mikkelsen) in pursuit of a couple driving the golden-looking SUV. The car impresses the hitman so much, that he fundamentally spares the targets, taking the machine instead.

The Ford Company did not share any specifics on where Le Fantôme was filmed, but those who know Croatia easily recognized the localities around Kastel Gomilica. The aforementioned “Game of Thrones” serial was also filmed in the vicinity, and the destination is quite popular with tourists.


Roelant de Waard, the chief marketing official of Ford Europe, was very pleased with the film’s final version. “In order to efficiently present the new Ford Edge to European markets, we made Le Fantôme with highest standards in mind. Both Mads Mikkelsen and Jake Scott were chosen for the project, as they are keen to produce authentic cinema experiences,” de Waard said. “Also, they are refined and determined in their work, and these are also the features of Ford Edge.”

The short movie has been well-received by You Tube community, noting more than 15 000 views in several days after the premiere. In addition to promoting the automobile brand, it also puts the highlights on Croatia as a tourist destination. Who knows, maybe you will drive Ford’s new SUV during your next stay in the country.


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