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The world today has many challenges for modern ladies, each of them stressing the emotional side of their being. Things get even more complicated during those special days of the month, when their sensibilities are much higher than usual. At those times, it takes a lot of mental strength for a modern girl to truly express her feelings, and many decide to restrain themselves from doing so.

But there is nothing wrong with being emotional and showing what your inner life looks like. When feelings are considered, Libresse wants you to be free and without any boundaries. That’s why their designers made a unique collection of five decorative tin-boxes, aimed to encourage your expression and help you in dealing with issues of modern femininity.


Every box is inscribed with a witty picture, depicting life situations contemporary women face during their periods. It doesn’t matter whether you feel weepy, angry or insecure during those days. Even if you got yourself into an unexpected shopping spree, or had one chocolate too many, these boxes will remind that you are not alone. It is important to stay true to yourself, and restrain nothing, even at those times.

Envisioned as an encouragement for ladies around the world, these boxes are also very practical for storing feminine hygiene products. Each of them comes with a selection of prime Libresse products, which will safeguard both your self-esteem and freedom of movement during monthly periods.


Collect all five inspirational tin boxes of Libresse Limited Edition collection, stop restraining your emotional side, and show your feelings to the world. For that, it is always a perfect time.


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