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Let’s start this text with a simple description of Kukljica. It is a small fisherman town located on the southeast island of Ugljan. It has less than 1000 residents, who spend their lives observing beautiful Adriatic channels of Zadar and Srednji Kanal. They also have four small islands in their jurisdiction, called Golac, Bisage, Misnjak and Karantunic.

Kukljica is surrounded with romantic sea coves, intimate valleys with crystal- clear water, thick forests of pine and fig trees, wine yards and olive groves. And despite its small size, Kukljica is quite old settlement. Historical documents mention it as early as 12th century, and its Church of St. Jerolim has been dated to 14th century. Majority of buildings in Kukljica are made in traditional architectural style of Dalmatia, meaning houses are made of stone and circulated around a small square. Such pattern of construction is called dvor.

Kuljica also has a lot of inns and restaurants, and people who know cakavski dialect can enjoy poetry evenings in August.

In other words, it is a settlement of your Adriatic dreams. We won’t leave you solely on text, though. Check out the following video of Ugljan and Kukljica, and decide whether it supports our claims.

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