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Kuca Kallina, or the Kallina House, is a must for any architecture enthusiast visiting Zagreb. Located on the corner of Masarykova and Gunduliceva streets, it’s an easy walk from the main square and just a few steps from the Croatian National Theater. A stunning example of Secessionist architecture – complete with unusual tiles featuring bats along with typical stylized floral designs – Kuca Kallina was built between 1903 and 1904 by Croatian architect Vjekoslav Bastl for the Kallina family.


Kuca Kallina today houses private residences, so you cannot go inside, but the colorful tiled facade of the house is enough to warrant a visit and a photo or two.


Another of Bastl’s buildings, Zagreb’s Ethnographic Museum, can be seen just a few blocks away on Trg Ivana Mazuranica (Ivan Mazuranic’s Square).


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